Vibgyor Clinic is an Ayurvedic Clinic, trusted always with no side effects. It provides safe, effective and affordable treatment. Works for complete satisfaction and is easily approachable. It is a complete dispensing clinic since last 20 years.


    We treat the patients without admitting them in the hospital. We provide treatment for De-addiction, stomach ailments, personality development, skin diseases, joint pain, spondylitis, diabetes, stone in kidney, Hairfall & Premature greying, increase height, irregular menstrual cycle, leucorrhoea & sex related problems.


    Personal Visit : Patients can directly contact the doctors in our various branches mentioned and get the Registration done for the onset of the treatment.

    Online : Patients can get the medicine for the mentioned treatment by filling the mandatory information in the order form. The medicine will be dispatched only after the transfer of money in our authorized banks. Medicine will be dispensed through Couriers or Speed Post.Medicine can also be ordered via VPP. Status of the delivery can be checked from time to time.

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